J-SOS Rescue, with you everywhere in the world, in any emergency or threat

J-SOS is a nonprofit organization whose core function is to save Jewish and Israeli travelers, anywhere in the world, when no one else can help

  • Providing accesibility to medical, security and emegency forces in immediate time at the press of a button- to any traveler anywhere in the world
  • Locating travelers who have lost contact through advanced technology
  • Locating and providing medical and emergency forces in large scale events such as- terror attacks and natural disasters

Jewish and Israeli travelers in a foreign country can connect to J-SOS Rescue’s command & control center via the J-SOS app, .

J-SOS app

Panic button

For medical and security emergencies. When you tap the panic button, your exact location and emergency type are sent to the command & control center.

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Your panic alert will be received by the command & control center in Israel and the local Chabad emissary in the country in which you’re traveling. Emergencies range from a medical situation (giving birth, heart attack, road accident, etc.) to a terrorist attack or natural disaster.


The app updates users’ latest position every time they move more than 500 meters, encrypts and stores data.

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That way, if contact with travelers is lost, their last position will still be known. The app helps focus, speed up and narrow down search efforts while reducing costs. With just a tap of a button, the command & control center sends a query along with a photo of the missing person to all travelers in the same location, enabling a vital exchange of up-to-date information and fast resolution of the issue.

Activating in the case of emergency or threat

The moment you sense danger (you are being followed, you have gotten into a suspicious car, etc.) and you have no way of calling for help, tap the SOS button, followed by the Walk With Me button, and then a long tap on the button. While you hold down this button, we are able to track your journey.

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If your phone is snatched from your hands or you let go of the button before your journey is finished, we will receive an automatic panic alert within three seconds. If the danger passes, you can cancel the panic alert within three seconds by tapping Cancel.

Locating and providing medical and emergency services in times of terrorist attacks and natural disasters

In times of terrorist attacks and natural disasters, a query can be sent to all users within a geographic perimeter asking if they need medical assistance, in order to determine the exact location and condition of every traveler.

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This feature makes the necessary assistance accessible to handle the incident quickly and efficiently.

Sharing of essential information

Every traveler can share essential information (voice, text, photos) with other travelers in their area.

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Travelers can send exact location of flashpoints such as a violent demonstration that the traveler has encountered, fire, storm, blocked road, etc.

Access to the places of interest

Any user, everywhere in the world, can open the app and immediately see their exact location and places of interest nearby.

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Such as Chabad House, kosher restaurants, mikveh, hospitals, police stations, etc.