What network connections does the app require?

To send out panic alerts with your exact location, you need to have a cellular network connection and GPS service. However, if there is no cellular network at your location, and you are in trouble, you can always press the SOS button to make an emergency phone call: you will be connected immediately to the command & control center which operates 24/7.

Is my privacy protected?

The location data received from your phone will be used only in the case of an emergency. All data is encrypted and stored on external servers abroad that are highly protected against hacking.

Who will receive my data in the case of emergency?

In the case of emergency, your data will be sent to your predefined emergency contact. If you didn’t set up an emergency contact during the app registration process, your data would be sent to your closest family member, after that person's identity is validated.

Do I still need health insurance when traveling abroad?

Every person flying abroad must have travel health insurance according to the level of risk that person will be taking. J- SOS is not obligated to act in any situation and always acts at its sole discretion and only in cases it shall see fit to act.